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Handmade Sausages

  • 1 Day
  • NZ$140
  • On Campus

Learn how to make delicious sausages with Chef Tutor Finn Gybel.


Join us on a day of true craftsmanship.

Sausage making is a genuine craft that requires knowledge and skill. It has a long tradition in many parts of the world and we all have our favorite sausage.

In this course you will share those skills. We have prepared recipes on a range of different sausages, and you will work with not only the techniques of stuffing the casings but just as important, the challenges of making the farse going into the casings.

In the class, you will work with pork, beef, and lamb and spice up with a range of spices and aromatics.

We will also discuss what makes a great sausage and you will learn about different categories of sausages ranging from German emulsified sausages to binded sausages like red Spanish chorizo.

After preparing the sausages, we will cook up a batch to feast on and you also take some home with you. Please bring a plastic container with a lid.

Page Updated: 18 Oct 2023

Course Requirements

  • Aged 17 and over

Session Dates

Saturday, 9:30 am - 2:00 pm


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Registration Deadline

Registrations close 1 day before the course starts. Late registrations may be available, please enrol and contact us regarding any late registrations. 

Course Fees

  • NZ$135
13 v2

Course Requirements

  • Aged 17 and over