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Auckland has a wide range of accommodation options while you study. We've described some of the most popular options below and included a list of links so you can find more information.


Flatting is a popular way to live, in which you share an apartment or house (flat) and share household expenses. If you are a new student, or you're from out-of-town, you might want to consider living in a hostel, halls of residence or other student accommodation until you get into the routine of study.

If you decide to live in a flat, it is likely that you will have to provide your own furniture and pay for your share of the expenses (electricity, water, gas, phone/internet, pay TV). In some flats, people will share groceries and cooking. In others, each flatmate will buy groceries and cook their own meals. Remember to talk about bills with your flatmates and agree on who will organise household expenses.

Rental prices can vary greatly according to location, type of accommodation, and the number of others living there.

Remember to consider the cost of transport in looking for a flat - for information on train, bus and ferry prices, check out the Auckland Transport website.

Living with others in any situation will always have challenges, so remember to choose flats carefully and do not rush into any flatting agreement. Make sure your new flatmates are people you can live with during your studies.


Auckland has many independently-run hostels and other student accommodation, where students cook for themselves. Hostels provide your own bedroom but generally you have to share a bathroom.

List of a few popular hostels among students around the city and close to our school 

YMCA Hostel Accommodation
YWCA Auckland


Have a look at the following websites for more information:

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