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Regional Cooking Day

IMG 2399
Group cooking photo.

Cultural cooking day for our Advanced cookery chefs for their last day at the school was made up of delicious delicacies from all over the world! 

First up, we have classic and scrumptious Korean Fried Chicken by Ji Ae.

IMG 2406png  IMG 2410
Ji Yae and with her freshly fried Korean chicken.                     

Han Sen who is originally from Indonesia, prepared slow cooked Beef Rendang in coconut cream, tamarind and kaffir lime leaf. For dessert, Oleksii creastes dumplings stuffed with sour cherries, a classic dish from Ukraine.

IMG 2405  IMG 2404
Hansen preparing Beef Rendang and Oleksii with his Dumplings with Sour cherries - a classic dish from Ukraine.

Yasushi from Japan prepared Okonomiyaki which is a classic Japanese pancake with pork belly, cabbage, dashi, mirin and bonito flakes. Newton prepares Cambodian pancakes stuffed with turmeric, shrimp, lettuce and mint with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

IMG 2403  IMG 2406
Yasushi preparing pork belly for his Okonomiyaki omelette. Newton rolling up his pancakes before service.

Rupert prepares Fresh Bluff Oysters. Ranjini from Malaysia prepares Nasi Lamek with anchovies, Belacan (dried shrimp paste), toasted peanuts, eggs and cucumber.

IMG 2407  IMG 2401
Rupert preparing his dish.                                    Ranjini prepares Nasi Lamek, a Malaysian delicacy served with eggs.

IMG 2409  IMG 2411
Celia, Franck and the students enjoying their cuisine with a toast. 

Cultural Cooking from NZ School of Food & Wine on Vimeo.


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