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One week in lockdown and what we achieved!

With some rapid planning, we managed to transform our programme to online cooking demonstrations with the students preparing their own dishes at their homes. The flow of our timetable has pivoted to the patisserie module as the ingredients are easier for the students to purchase at the supermarket (we are reimbursing them for this cost).

Level 3 - Remote Cooking

During the lockdown week, our Foundation student chefs prepared the following dishes from their own homes - 

  • Cheese scones, Apple & Cinnamon ) muffins
  • Shortbread, Chocolate Rough Cookies
  • Chocolate cake, savoury muffins
  • Chocolate brownie, Yoyos

Newton   Jiae Choi Dessert

Chef Finn demonstrating the dishes to the students Live from the school as the students watch on. 

Here are some photos from our students who cooked at their own home. 

Jiae Choi   Jiae Choi Main
Seedha's - Cheese scones and Apple cinnamon (blueberry) muffins by Timmika.

Newton Dessert   Nikesh
Reesha's Chocolate Rough cookies (formally Af....) and Shortbread by Michael.

Nikesh 2  Nikesh 3
Moist mini chocolate cakes by Jutatip and savoury muffins by Chloe. 

Oleksii   Oleksii 2
Chocolate brownie by Chloe and Yoyos by Reesha. 

Level 4 - Remote Cooking

Our Advanced Cookery students prepared the following dishes - 

  • Crêpes Suzettes, savoury crêpes
  • Chilli eggs, Soufflé Omelette with fruit curd
  • Crème caramel, Rhubarb Custard tart with Raspberry coulis

Chef Finn preparing Raspberry Coulis while he demonstrates Live to the Advanced chef students at home. 

Level 4 raspberry coulis 

A MacBook camera does a reasonable job recording and live-streaming and the laptop does not seem to mind the heat of the oven when Chef Finn opens to door to check if the Rhubarb tart is ready.

Yasushi 3  Yasushi 4
Chef Finn's Rhubarb custard tart in the oven and then ready to serve. 

570  Yasushi 5
Crème caramel by Joanna and Rhubarb custard tart with raspberry coulis by Jeoff.

Yasushi   Yasushi 2
Chilli eggs by Apichat and Soufflé Omelette with fruit curd by Samira. 

Ranjini   Rupert
Crêpes Suzettes by Mei and savoury crêpes by Fleur.

Level 5 - Lockdown Kitchen 

Cooking on-site with our small bubble of Diploma chefs refining how to smoke fish.

Smoking gun used to smoke salmon and Kahawai.

572  573
Smoked Kahawai, served with freshly baked oat crackers radish, fresh Thai basil leaves and Salmon gravlax, smoked fish mousse and more. 

574  575
Salmon Coulibiac and Salmon with fennel. 

As you can see, its been busy and we have managed to run the business administration and theory of cookery online as well.


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