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Mediterranean Lunch

One of our most popular projects for our Level 4 Advanced Cookery students is to design a three-course menu, costed to a budget and then prepared for a friend to savour. 

The three-course menu includes a fish dish, involving the filleting of a fish, freshly made ribbon pasta and dessert - all with a Mediterranean theme. Take a look at this week's impressive efforts enjoyed by the Advanced students. They then serve the meal for their own guest and also get to sit down and eat with them.

Here are some photos of the creative dishes prepared for the Mediterranean Luncheon.

Mei's Mediterranean menu 


Newton 6  Jiae Choi 4
Mei plates up her entrée - Baked Fish Nicosia (Cyprus) 

Jiae Choi Dessert 4  Jiae Choi Dessert 5
Main - Creamy Italian Chicken pasta and Dessert - Greek Custard Pie (Galaktoboureko)

Apichat's Mediterranean menu 


Newton Entree 3  Newton Main 5 
Apichat plating up his entrée of Pan seared gurnard with green tahini dressing, lettuce, tomato, cucumber. 

Newton Dessert 3  Nikesh 9
Main - Spaghetti polpetto and Panna Cotta strawberry with Kiwi for Dessert. 

Charlie's Mediterranean menu 

Menu Card

Blog Photos Resize 313 X 294 px 4  Nikesh 10
Charlie prepares his entrée ready for service - Oven baked fish with Cherry tomatoes and Herb butter sauce. 

Nikesh 11  Nikesh 12
Main - Slow cooked beef cheek Ragu and Caramalised figs with honey & greek yogurt. 

Mona's Mediterranean menu 

Menu Mona

Nikesh 13  Nikesh 14
Mona in the kitchen and her entrée of Poached Cod Soup with Potato and Leek. 

Nikesh 15  Nikesh 16
Main - Beef Stronganoff in homemade linguine pasta and Dessert - Passionfruit Panna Cotta with passion fruit coulis. 

Jeoff's Mediterranean menu 

mediterreanian Menu final final
Jeoff's Mediterranean Menu. 

Nikesh 17  Nikesh 18
Jeoff in the kitchen and his entrée of Pan Seared Fish with Beetroot Salad.

Nikesh 19Nikesh 20
Main - Arrabiata with Smoked Chorizo and Chicken and the classic Tiramisu for dessert. 

Fleur's Mediterranean menu 

Nikesh 21
Entrée - Crispy skin fish with romesco sauce, herbs and crispy capers

Nikesh 22  Nikesh 23
Main - Prawn and cherry tomato fettuccine and Dessert - Limoncello and pistachio cannoli. 

Joanna's Mediterranean menu 

menu cart

Blog Photos Resize 313 X 294 px 5  Nikesh 25 
Joanna prepares her entrée of Chermoula Fish with pistachio and chick peas.

 Nikesh 26  Blog Photos Resize 313 X 294 px 6
Main - Sicilian Lemon Pappardelle with Chorizo and Dessert - Honey Walnuts Roasted pears. 

Samira's Mediterranean menu 

Samira The Mediterranean Lunch Menu

Blog Photos Resize 313 X 294 px 7  Entree Platessa alla Romana with Pea and Parsley Puree
Samira in the kitchen preparing her entrée of Platessa alla Romana (flounder cooked Meunière style) with Pea and Parsley Puree and Tuscan Onion Confit. 

Nikesh 27  Nikesh 28
Main - Braised Lamb Ragu Paired with Pappardelle and Dessert - Panna Cotta Caramellata.


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