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Copenhagen fine dining at A|O|C - Michelin 2*


This the Michelin 2 star restaurant of sommelier Christian Aarø and executive chef Søren Selin.  Located in an historic building in central Copenhagen, A O C focuses on what is wonderful  from local Nordic produce, as well as stimulating the senses of the diner. The menu is a journey of intriguing aromas, flavours and textures.

1 Fried moss from Sweden yoghurt

First snacks presented together: Lightly fried Swedish moss sprinkled with mushroom power. A dip of pickled cepes in yoghurt. Local Danish Havati cheese freshly grated over crunchy pastry.

2Snacks Parfait of chicken liver and hearts on pastry of chicken skins

Panko crust with beef tartare and lump fish roe;  Parfait of chicken liver and hearts on pastry of chicken skins.

2Snacks Panko tartare beef and lump fish roe

Lift the lid of the crispy Panko crust and beneath is the beef tartare with lump fish roe.

 3Snacks 3

Cos lettuce with Grandma's creme fraiche and chlorophyll dressing.  Sea Cucumber with edible flower. Sea lettuce with razor clam tartar. 


Kombu and pork fat broth presented on a bed of sand.


Pear with Limfiordoysters and chamomile.

4Pear and Limfjordoysters chamomile

Inside the Pear, Limfiord oysters are presented with a brunoise of fresh pear, chamomile and whey.

5Scallop and pickled diakon

Scallop and pickled diakon in a cream and mussel sauce with dill oil. Bread dumpling with mussel powder.

6Trout vendace Roe Butternut squash

Trout with roe from local fresh water fish, Vendace, fine petals of butternut squash. 

7bBaked vegetable Prickly

Baked vegetables with caviar (version 1 ). Celeriac in hay with sturgeon caviar.

7aOnion and Caviar

Baked vegetables with caviar (version two): a large onion slowly baked in its skin was presented at the table on the gueridon trolley. The piping hot heart was then scooped out and served caramelised onion foam and a spoonful of caviar. This was my favourite dish.


Grilled langoustine - amazingly tender, opaque and delicious, served wrapped in a napkin and with a garnish of fermented cherries.

10 Veloute of black trumpet Mushrooms Oxalis

Wood Sorrel or Oxalis, considered a weed in most New Zealand gardens, is transformed in this dish. The small, delicate leaves taste of citrus and complement the rich Black trumpet mushroom velouté and truffles. Very delicious.

 11Lamb before2

 Rare fillet of lamb, served wrapped up in a Broccoli leaf with a sauce of Ramson (wild garlic) and spring greens 

12Dessert Celery and lemon verbena Ice served in ice frozen cup

Celery and lemon verbena Ice served in ice frozen cup.

Final courses:

Frozen canele with walnuts

Nordic vanilla - confectionary 

Aronia berries, beech nut and carmelised bread

An outstanding local dining experience. Follow this link to the website of A|O|C.





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