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Dinner at The Fat Duck

What an incredible treat to enjoy The Fat Duck journey.

This menu is inspired by Heston Blumenthal's holiday memories as a child.

We are invited, along with a map and clues to guide us, to savour a multi-course experience. It has a few curve-balls – for instance parts of the menu are written in such small font that you have to use the magnifying glass provided (think of Alice in Wonderland) to read the list of ingredients.

There is more to discover as you taste and smell through each dish or concept. And there is always a little of Heston’s humour not far away – the boxes of breakfast cereal with a free gift and inspired nutritional information: contain his comments: energy, love (oh yes), skill (some), fibre (probably), memories (ah yes)…

265  266
Just the tonic we need -
A beautiful composition of marigold and nasturtium flowers, Jerusalem artichoke panne cotta with a herbal tonic of cucumber and coriander.

Rise and shine, its breakfast time...we need to place an order.

267  268
Breakfast brioche with Hot and Cold tea, a
choice of breakfast cereals (behind) including Queenflakes, Mock Munch and all offering a "free gift" as Heston always enjoyed the free gift inside.  In my box, I find that the gift is a puzzle that must be assembled and one of the pieces is embossed with the NZ School of Food and Wine logo...The puzzle turns into a money box.                                                                         

269  270
Money Box Puzzle
completed and then we were given a coin that would later be used to buy an ice cream.                                                    

The Sound of the Sea is classic Heston and has been on the menu for over 10 years. You are issued some headphones and can listen to the seagulls and waves crashing on the foreshore.

271  273
An outstanding winelist of hundreds of wines with excellent choices by the glass.                                                                                    

Can I have some money for ice cream? - Here is the choice: Waldorf salad "Rocket", Salmon, avocado and horseradish "Twister" Crab and passion fruit "99"

274  275
Mr Whippy,
mouthwatering frozen crab bisque in a short crust pastry cone.

Damping through the Borough Groves - truffles and mushrooms enhanced but the theatre of the mist.

Are you ready for dinner?  - The Main Courses -

276  277
Main courses - Lamb - cooked for 32 hours at 58C or Turbot, truffle and Jerusalem artichokes

278  279
Beetroot macaron
with horseradish cream followed by Noble Rot Dessert - intricate sugar work, dried apricot and mango, caramel dust and sugar.

280  281
Whisk(e)y gums -
how can you resist these?  And then it's Off to the land of Nod: Counting Sheep on this levitating pillow with dreamy light meringues. 

282  283
And then to dream, Like a Kid in a Sweetshop. Heston's originals 
house opens up to an array of candies with a special package individually selected for each guest and including a white chocolate playing card in a crisp cream envelope sealed with wax.

Wine Cellar Celia Celias Diploma

The honorary degree of restaurant management
A tour to the wine cellar and then to the new kitchen concluded with me being awarded The Fat Duck University Honorary Degree in Restaurant Management - with all rights and privileges.


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CHEF FINN GYBEL  Originally from Denmark, Finn trained as a chef in leading Danish restaurants before heading to New Zealand with his family two years ago.

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Celia Hay's fascination of flavoursome food, international cuisines,  fine wine and the art of hospitality led her to establish *Hay's Restaurant* in 1994 and the *New Zealand School of Food and Wine* in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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