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Kiwi inspired culinary classics inspire 2019 foodography dinner


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Foodography, the art of food and photography come together during the Elemental AKL 2019 festival at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine on Friday 26 July 2019. 

This will be our third #foodography dinner and it has a kiwi cuisine theme that includes five unique New Zealand courses. Foodography participants work in pairs, around five different food concepts and have 20 minutes to style each of their dishes, photograph and share the results on social media.  

Food blogging and food photography is an ever-growing trend.  Just as we share holiday snaps of travel destinations, sharing photos of your latest culinary adventure reflects what you are eating and where you are eating it.

The evening starts with a foodographers briefing and advice on how to curate and capture those defining food moments.  Phone-photo techniques, lighting and food styling tips will be shared by guest chefs and local food bloggers.   

So, what’s on the menu?  

Given the kiwi influence, we want to put New Zealand ingredients on show and celebrate our culinary heritage.

You will find some local seafood, lamb, a meringue - but not a pavlova - and a play on an old ANZAC favourite. The components of each dish have been designed to inspire a new generation of kiwi classics. 

The foodography dinner is a team challenge so bring a friend along. The upside is that once styled, snapped and shared, you get to eat your work of art.  

We all know of someone who has shared a dining experience image.  It’s the inner foodie getting a little creative with their smart phone.  And there’s a prize for the best photo. It’s a fun night out, where you get to experience and learn something new. 

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Celia Hay

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