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Chef Finn

We are delighted to welcome Chef Finn Gybel to the New Zealand School of Food & Wine.

Finn Gybel

Originally from Denmark, Finn's culinary career has included working in Michelin star restaurants as well as periods teaching and mentoring junior chefs especially when he worked for legendary Danish chef and entrepreneur, Claus Meyer. Finn emigrated to New Zealand with his family in 2017.

' I have been involved in the New Nordic Cuisine since it took off in the early 2000s and being a chef in Copenhagen, working for Claus Meyer. 

'I bring to New Zealand, an incredible experience, having witnessed the extraordinary environmental conditions of the land, and understanding that this is the key to quality and the significance of the produce here in New Zealand.'

'I believe that my passion, love, knowledge and inspiration is a natural gift and getting the students to come along with me on that journey makes it so special, interesting and fulfilling'.

Join Chef Finn on Wednesday 3 April to learn more.

Introduction to New Nordic Cuisine Concepts

To base cooking on ingredients which excel in our climate, landscape and waters. To combine good taste in food with modern knowledge about health and well-being; To express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics that we would like to associate with our region,

These are some of the concepts that underpin the New Nordic Cuisine and they offer important themes for us to reflect on in New Zealand as we define our culinary traditions.

Chef Finn Gybel trained in Denmark working under leading chefs who embraced this philosophy. At the New Zealand School of Food and Wine, Chef Finn will explain and cook through a New Zealand inspired menu to reflect these concepts.

Wednesday 3 April

7 – 9.30pm 


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Chef Finn's previous work includes:

Head Chef at Meyers Lunch Restaurants at Pension Denmark, Copenhagen

Chef and gastronomic teacher at Meyers Food House Copenhagen 

Hotel D'angleterre Copenhagen 1* Michelin

Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder, Copenhagen 1 *Michelin

Chef & Entrepreneur Claus Meyer 

Screenshot 2019 02 17 at 9.25.51 PM

Claus Meyer along with Noma chef, René Redzepi are considered the founders of the New Nordic Cuisine which focuses on the promotion of local, season products prepared in traditional and innovative ways. This cuisine is equally relevant for the home cooking as it is for fine-dining, Michelin starred restaurants.

Over many years, Claus Meyer has been a leading advocate of the farm-to-table concept that fosters local agriculture and encourages sustainable food production.

He has inspired a new generation to rediscover their local Nordic produce and challenged conventional thinking in agriculture, food production and cooking. 

New Nordic Cuisine

In September 2004, following an 18 hour long workshop, some of the greatest chefs in the Nordic region formulated the New Nordic Kitchen Manifesto.

1  To express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics that we would like to associate with our region

2  To reflect the different seasons in the meals

3  To base cooking on raw materials which characteristics are especially excellent in our climate, landscape and waters

4  To combine the demand for good taste in food with modern knowledge about health and well-being

5  To promote the Nordic products and the variety of Nordic producers and to disseminate the knowledge of the cultures behind them

6  To promote the welfare of the animals and a sound production in the sea and in the cultivated as well as wild landscapes

7  To develop new possible applications of traditional Nordic food products

8  To combine the best Nordic cooking procedures and culinary traditions with impulses from outside

9  To combine local self-sufficiency with regional exchange of high-quality goods

10  To cooperate with representatives of consumers, other cooking craftsmen, agriculture, fishing industry, food industry, retail and wholesale industry, researchers, teachers, politicians and authorities on this joint project to the benefit and advantage of all in the Nordic countries


Claus co-founded and co-owns the legendary Danish Restaurant,  Noma, with Rene Redzepi. Noma holds two Michelin stars.

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CHEF FINN GYBEL  Originally from Denmark, Finn trained as a chef in leading Danish restaurants before heading to New Zealand with his family two years ago.

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