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Best Sommelier Competition Europe and Africa 2017

Best Sommelier Europe and Africa 2017

Congratulations to Raimonds Tomsons from Latvia to who won the Best Sommelier for Europe and Africa. A tough ordeal, over three days, with numerous tasks and challenges and culminating in a public practical performance for each candidate taking over 40 minutes in front of 400 people! Raimonds works as head sommelier at Restaurant Vincents in Riga.

Second place went to Piotr Pietras from Poland who is based at Launceston Place Restaurant, London. 

Julia Scavo, from Romania was 3rd = along with French sommelier David Biraud. Julia works as a brand ambassador of a range of glassware. A resounding victory for Eastern Europe. New Zealand was invited as observers to the Association Sommeliers International Best Europe and Africa Competition. 

New Zealand was invited as observers to the Association Sommeliers International Best Europe and Africa Competition.

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0202

The Ballroom at the ParkHotel Schonbrunn - watching the competitors on stage

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0268

Piotr Pietras offer sake to the judges

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0369

Julia Scavo blind tastes a wine and describes its attributes

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0649

Raimonds Tomsons decants wine for the judges

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0671

Blind tasting of spirits - which includes describing them for the audience

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0708

Spotting faults in the winelist - Raimonds thought Marlborough was the wrong region for Clos Henri...

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0719

 Raimonds Tomsons triumphs and is pictured here with head judge, Gerard Bassett MS MW

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0756

Medals for the winners

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er1054


SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er1029 

Line up of the four finalists

SOMMELIER EM2017 TAG4 er0237

Looking towards the stage.

Ranking of the #ASIBestSomm Europe and Africa 2017 #mse2017

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